Saturday, April 21, 2012

earthday 2012! :)

happie earth LOVE day 2012!!!!!!! :)
to celebrate our mother earth today we will work on the kiddos garden as a family and plant some lettuce, tomatoes and some flowers :) we will also take a maple tree sapling that is growing in an undesirable location and transplant it to a better one :) we don't have any experience with tree transplants, but i did some reading about it (i love the Internet) so we'll do our best! ;) and hopefully the
little tree will too! :) then we're going to take all our old plastic bags that i've been meaning to make something out of and take them to walmart to put them in the recycling bin :) then we will take a family walk on the centennial trail :) the whole while talking with our beautiful children about our beautiful planet and how it is our responsibility to care for her as she cares for us :) how we need to love her and everyone! :) those are our plans anyways ;) hope every one has a GLORIOUS day! :)
much LOVE and PEACE to EVERYONE EVERY WHERE ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)