Monday, September 13, 2010

i haven't been posting lately because i want to get all caught up with past events before i post something of the present. but today is my grandpapa's birthday...well of his earth life anyway. i was thinking about that the other day..i wonder, for those who have died and moved on, if they celebrate the day they were born into the next part of life? :) i think i would :)


to my grandpapa :),
or as you are known to my kiddos paka paka :) we miss you and maga maga a lot! i haven't been able to open your memory book or grandma's book either that mom made. i've tried but it's all just too sad right now. but i will work on that because i'm sure it will be very fun to look threw :) i'm trying not to be too sad because i'm prettie positive that you and grandma are happie! :) but it has been a little difficult moving back home and driving past your house, seeing the places on the garage where your name once was, now just empty grey squares and realizing the place where i feel i spent a good part of my child hood i can no longer enter. and even if i could you wouldn't be there sitting in your chair watching golf or reading the news paper or books about the navy or eating your oatmeal as you did every morning from the same bowl. no longer can i hear you sing with your hand stretched out with a smile " i wanna hold your hand" :) i knew that part of that song from the beattles even before i knew who the beattles were :) how i wish i had that recorded so i could listen to it every time i want to feel close to you :)

so today joshie, the three kiddos and me will be visiting yours and grandma's grave. although it may be a little far to travel if you and grandma could swing by we'd love it! :) and we love you both!!!!!!!!! :) happie day of birth grandpa! :) what a fun birthday to be with your wife you had to wait over 16 years to see again and your two baby boys that you waited even longer to be with! :) we love you all!!!!!!! :) xx's & oo's :)

i'm verie glad you came to earth & that you are my paka! :) and i wanna hold your hand ;)