Monday, April 27, 2009

last night while i was dreaming about the house we will eventually have and how to have medium size trees growing in our living room and bedroom i had a Wonderful thought! i want to grow butterflies!!!!! :) it would be something i could involve the children in and would help us out financially when we set up shop for those who would like to release some prettie butterflies at their wedding!!! :) im not sure what kinds of butterflies would be best yet. i still have to do some more research, but i am so EXCITED!!!!!!! :)

Friday, April 24, 2009

thurday was a verie fun day!! :) i walked & jogged to my swimming class, which is a little over a mile :) i remember mumbling to myself about 10 minutes or so after taking off, who's bright idea was this?! i wasnt sure i would make it before my class :) but luckily i did :) hopefully i'll do even better next time! :)

i got to class a bit early and purchased some swim diaper covers for the kids :) the guy was really nice but gave me a funnie look when i asked for three swimmers :) in a good way, i think he was just surprised :) then it was time for class :)

the kids and joshie met me afterwards for swimming :) that was the real fun!!! :) the kids had a blast!!! and i was able to show joshie what i have been doing in class :)

and later that night little samuel started crawling!!!!! :) that makes me so happie! though i dont quite feel that i am ready to chase after 3 just yet! :) the videos that i'm posting is of me trying to convince samuel to crawl! :) i think it only took about four tries! :)

sasm is such a strong boy! while i was typing he grabbed onto my shirt and pulled himself up from a sitting position to standing! :) for a moment or two then fell down on his bum!!! :)

wow families are AWSOME!!!!!!! :)

prom anniversary 2009!!!!! :)

prom anniversary 2008

prom anniversary 2007

prom anniversary 2006

prom anniversary 2005

prom anniversary 2004

prom anniversary 2003
prom anniversary 2002

senoir prom 1999

today is our 10th Prom Anniversary!!!!! :) our Senior Prom was the start of it all!!! :) we still display our pictures in the living room :) i still find myself happilie sighing when i think of Prom!!! :)

( a few of the pictures are not from the actual day but the month of. there are still some pictures we need to scan in :) for the years 2ooo & 2001 joshie was serving a 2 year mission for the LDS church in the Philippines! :) i sent him special happie prom letters!!!!!!! :)

I Love you Babie!!!!!!! :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

so today was an exciting day :) joshie is on his way to take one of his last finals! :) YAY!!! :) no more school for the summer :) we have been acomplishing a lot in our efforts of making our tiny apartment not so tiny feeling and getting it good and clean! :) also today i worked on facing one my fears :) yep today was the first day of my adult swimming lessons!!! every tuesday and thursday untill may 14th! my goal is to be able to swim well enough that i can swim and play comfortably in the water with the children and joshie :)

so i was a bit really a lot nervous on my way to class! :) in a good way :) on the way i felt nervous, excitement with a little bit a fear mixed all together in my tummy :) i am Really afraid of being in water above my chest and if i feel myself start to lose my footing and start to float a little i REALLY freak out! today when i sat down and slid into the water that went up to my chest i thought my heart had stopped for a moment :) as i practiced blowing bubbles through my nose, dunking my head down into the water and attempting to float a little all while holding onto the wall, i started to become more comfortable in the water :) it also helped that my instructer was so nice and patient :) she said i did really well today i just need to relax :) so i think that i will spend some extra time in the water before class :)

im prettie excited!!! :) the kids joshie and i will be getting pool passes for the year so we will start playing in the pool after my classes :)

this summer is going to be GREAT!!!!!!!! :)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

happie easter!!!!!!! :)

We Love all of you & miss you terribly!!!!!!! :)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Women i admire & wish to be more like, in no particular order:

laura, kat, julia, joshie's momma & mine :), my mama :), holly ellis, kathy ellis, holly hoopes, denise egan, mrs. hinckley, diane, jenni, grace & great grandma burns :)