Thursday, April 19, 2012

bloomsday 2012! :)

so i registered for bloomsday today! :) im prettie EXCITED! :) i'm a little nervous to i,ve never done anything like this before and with my inconsistency with my training i'm a little worried it will take me HOURS to finish ;) but i will try my best to remain positive and get as much exercising in as possible beforehand :)

i think i will love parts of it and really dislike the rest, but in the end i will be so glad that i did it! :) to me this is so important because i spent so long feeling sick and not knowing exactly why. and i struggled for a couple of years with trying really hard to loose weight and become healthy with very little success. and now that i have been on the medicine's i need to reclaim my health this event is a celebration of wellness to me! :) and i'm SUPER EXCITED for it! :)

i seek to be at balance and healthy in heart, mind, body and spirit! :)



Amanda Impett said...

WOHOO!!! Look for Damian he'll be there not in it but volunteering. You'll do great what matters is that you're doing it who cares when you finish what matters is that you do finish. I haven't had the guts to do it lol so you're braver than me.

Julielee said...

thank you amanada! :) if i see damian i'll wave hi! ;)