Thursday, June 3, 2010

ok i have been kinda sick lately ( nothing bad :) and i have some catching up to do, but i wanted to post a link to a great video that joshua made for a contest that ends soon. it's AWESOME!!! :) joshie is so talented! :) we didn't get the video entered in the contest as soon as we would have liked, so we are a little nervous about getting enough votes to get into the top 20 voted entries. (the first round of voting) so any help would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!!!!! :) it is a one time vote :) and THANKS SO MUCH!!! if you have already voted :) and if you are going to vote, THANKS SO MUCH to you too!!!!! :) also i was wondering if those of you who like the video too could pass the link along to others, that would be FANTASTIC!!!!!! :) and if any one who has a blog and wouldn't mind putting the link on their blog that would be AWESOME!!! :) i know i'm kinda Crazie Excited about it, but this is one of the first video contest where the video is what joshua wants to do..documentary :) well i hope every one is having a SUPER FANTABULOUS week end!! :) love and peace to ALL!!!!!!!!! :)