Saturday, November 29, 2008

I love PBS!!! :) And learning about the human brain!!!!!!! :)

Monday, November 17, 2008

This is the night that wouldn't end! Yes it goes on and on my friends :).....

Yes it has been another late night with the kids. Abe and Miriam fell asleep around 2 or 2:30ish. and now I am snuggling with Samuel on our red couch waiting for the moment I can put him down for the night and I can sleep as well :) Though I will be sleeping without Joshie again :(

He just arrived at work a few minutes ago. Its my fault the kids :) stayed up so late. I wasn't feeling well this morning and so I slept in really late and then we all had a really late nap. I will do better today :)

This past Saturday we went to IKEA one of my Favoritest :) places to go!!! and we bought a table top and some red table legs and two chairs and I am So Excited but Sam just fell asleep so I think I will finish my IKEA story later :)

Sweet Happie Dreams to you all :)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

So rough stuff. I just finished watching Larry King with Joy from The View ( I like that show :) ) Anyways. What a tough thing to talk about or have to vote on or form opinions about. In case you missed Larry King it was about proposition 8. Have I mentioned that it was a tough one? Me I believe that in the scriptures Marriage is defined as a spiritual union between one man and one women:) And so I think that is how Marriage should stay. But I think that homosexual couples should have the same rights and benefits in their Civil Union as heterosexuals have in Marriage. I say that it is a tough subject because ultimately I want Everyone to be Happie :) I can understand people in relationships, regardless of how different they are from my own would want to have the very same, equal rights and benefits that I have. So lets give the same benefits to Civil Unions as Marriage while still leaving Marriage as defined in the scriptures , between one man and one women :) Yay everyone Happie!? :) That's just my opinion. But really what we need to Remember and Never forget is that EVERYONE who has been, who are now and who will come to this Earth Regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation or any other Wonderful way you can think of that make all of us unique individuals, Everyone Everywhere are All our Brothers and Sisters and are All Children of our Father in Heaven!!!!!!! :) And He Loves ALL OF US So Much that He sent His Son!!!!!!! :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

First Haircuts!!!!! :) Joshie cut Abe's hair, after I took a few curls for his babie book the night, before Halloween! :) I cut a few long curls from Miriams hair before giving her some bangs :) It was fun :) Abraham looks so much older now! :) We Love those three kids LOTS & LOTS!!!!! :)

Okay its been a little while and I have allot of Thank Yous to send out :) First Thank you a million times over to Maga for making and sending Funshine Bear, Cheer Bear and Twinkers Star costumes!! The kids LOVE - it's funnie just as I was going to tell you how much the kids Love their care bear outfits, Miriam found hers and started saying " Sunshine! Sunshine! :) " which means I want to wear my Care Bears please! She usually Smiles and Giggles and jumps up and down right after I put her in the costume!!! :) So now I have two verie Happie Care Bears watching Curious George on pbs :) They would wear them everyday if I let them :) Thanks so much Maga, we Love you!!! :)

Thank you Auntie Kat, Uncle Eric, Katie and Sammie :) for the bakers in training aprons and hats and the Woody costume and shirt :) They look so cute in their outfits!!:) They had lots of fun wearing them, in fact they didn't want to take them off to go to bed :) We don't have the pictures from the camera up yet but hope to soon :) We Love you guyses!!! :)
Thank you to Auntie Julia for the verie cute onesies for Samuel :) They're awesome :) I especially like the one with the image of the earth on it!! :) Samuel will look so Cute in them! We Love you Lots!!! :)
And Thank you to Grandma Nelson for moving Christmas to the day after so that we can spend one whole day with both Families :) We Love you guyses allot!!! :)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

YES WE CAN!!!!!!! :)
Yay :) OBAMA!!!!!!! :)

I'm So Excited!!!!! :)