Tuesday, April 5, 2011

OK I challenge every one at some point today to pull there shades down tight, lock doors (especially if you have little ones) and in whatever room or perhaps your whole house/apartment/place of dwelling, that you spend some time 30 minutes perhaps, maybe a couple of hours just doing normal things, like checking e-mail, practicing guitar, blogging, reading,etc. but that you these normal things completely naked :) no i'm not trying to be kinky :) but so few of us our comfortable with the thought of our naked selves :( and well we are all naked in our true forms of ourselves :) put aside the ideology of the fashion magazines and just be YOU! :) if you spend some time to day being in your most vulnerable and true physical form you will start to become more comfortable with yourself and perhaps except yourself a little more :) try it! :) and if you don't feel comfortable, try it again until you do ;) it might be a wonderful experience! :) though i am not responsible for anything that perhaps might take place between you and your significant other ;) have a trulie Beautiful day! :)

all my LOVE to EVERY ONE! :) happie julie :)

Monday, April 4, 2011

april 4th 2004

seven years ago today :)