Monday, July 26, 2010

joshua :),
you bring me more joy in this life than i thought was possible :) i still feel myself becoming giddy when i see you walk up to the door returning home from work :) it is when you are happie that i find myself at my happiest! :) some times it is as if you control all the elements of life because my life revolves around your well being and happieness :) i see in you the best that human kind has to offer :) and divine potential :) you are my sun and my moon :) my earth and my sky :) you are so much apart of me that i at times wonder where i end and you begin! :) i love you soo much that there are no words in the human language to express my feelings fully :) i am so blessed to have you as my husband, the father of our children, my companion in mischief and my verie best friend! :) happiest of birthdays babie! :) i love you with out end!!!!!!!!!! :)

julie :)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

right now i am really confused about what are next steps in life are.....

we will be moving back to spokane for, i don't know how long... until we figure things out or start one of our plans there :)

i know i want to go to byu hawaii and i will have some work ahead of me to even start school which we are thinking of starting in spokane & then going from there

or does joshie go to grad school?

or does joshie take a short course to get a higher paying job & then i go to school?

& where do we do all of this?




and i don't think we will have it figured out any time soon

in a good way :) we will figure it out when the time is right ;)

until then we have packing, moving! two weddings to attend! & help out with & lots of reading, praying & researching what it takes for the things we want & discovering our best options :)
it will be fun! :)

joshie jokes but in a truthful way that in a couple of weeks we will be homeless & unemployed :) but we have a place to stay ;) thank you momma & daddio! :) you guys are AWESOME!! :)

oh! and i have recently had some ideas for me to work at home that almost seem to have dropped from heaven & planted itself into my mind! :) but i will have to learn how to sow better ;) i'll explain later ;) right now i should probably get back to moving stuff :) man! i will have a lot to get caught up on in august! ;)

until then LOVE & PEACE TO ALL!!!!!!!! :)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

i was lying in bed this morning thinking about something in my grandma's life and a question came up and i thought, i'll ask grandpa about it! :) then the next moment i remembered that he's not here for me to ask questions to any more.
i was a little sad at first, but then i felt happie :)

whenever i start feeling sad about my grandpa passing away these sad feelings are soon chased away by feelings of happieness because i think of how wonderful of a reunion he had when he was able to see and talk to his wife and two babies again! :)
i miss him but life is never ending! :) it just changes :) in a good way :)

and some day when joshie and me are old and white haired he and grandma and my two uncles will be waiting there to greet us :) along with all sorts of other dear family members and friends! :) oooo! and all sorts of ancesters and people that i would LOVE to talk to! :) i have a list of those people that i would love to learn from after this earth life! :)