Sunday, July 17, 2011

so yesterday we went to a wedding where their center pieces for their reception where vases with goldfish in them. wich was pretty and peaceful :) after clean up a little girl took two and they asked if we wanted any. joshie said, "no." ( i've wanted fishies for a while, but still dont have the puppie trained properly) then they said that they were gonna flush the rest down the toilet. and i gave joshie my big eyed,sad face & so now we have 18 goldfish! :) with no tank currently :)
sadly nine died last night, it was a pretty hot day & so i wasnt surprised.
i hope to find a tank at the thrift store tomorrow :) i've been reading up on how to take care of the little fishies & they require a lot more space than i thought they would ;) so if any one would like some i really only want to keep three :)
oh well we still saved them! :) now i hope they will survive ;)

oh & i dont think the bride or groom or any others involed were bad people :) i killed a spider that was freaking me out at that same reception. if anything i put the value of the life of the fish over the spider. and it is in those moments that a feel a bit of a hyporcrit :( although the fishies wont bite me :)
hope every one is having a SUPER LOVELY DAY!!!!!!!! :) especaily to those who just started their married life together yesterday! :)