Tuesday, July 17, 2012

sunday afternoon :)

hello to those who read my blog ;) i have so many catch up posts it's ridiculous! but i took some super cute pictures this last sunday and wanted to show them to every one :) at first i was just going to put my favorites on facebook, but then i had SO many favorites! :) so then i thought i would put a few on my blog with a little slide show of our sweet miriam dancing :) but then that turned into a bigger slide show ;) anyways it was LOTS of fun chilling with our kiddos in my parents back yard blowing bubbles, giggling and taking pictures! ;) my only complaint is i don't have more pictures of abe :( he wasn't interested in his bubbles very long & then decided to go inside and watch cartoons along with samuel :) though samuel does join us later at the end ;) so most of the time it was just me and mimzie ;) these pictures are all in the same order as i took them :) i have been trying to improve my photo taking by taking closer shots and by not being in such a hurry to take the shot :) some times i'm really impatient or i think if i take the time to frame the shot a little more my subject will have run off by then ;) but on sunday for a lot of the pictures i layed on my belly and tried to get as close to miriam as i thought looked pleasing ;) i also tried out my rainbow lens filter! :) and i LOVED it! :) i haven't felt like i had time to do that in a long while ;) i LOVE light rays and parts of the sun in my pictures! :) it brings a magical element in your photos! :) and well it's a way to illustrate in every day events that magic doesn't fade away as we are no longer children, but it really does still exist :) it also brings a connection from ourselves and the earth or space we live and connects it to the universe, since the sun is the center of ours ;) it's like the suns rays are like fingertips touching our face and warming our hearts with it's presence! :) it's saying you belong to me and i to you and we are ALL connected to each other! :) at least that's how i see it ;) wow! :) i've really missed blogging ;) guess i'll have to do it some more! :) oh and i can't take full credit for this slide show, although i took and chose the pictures and music, joshie helped me with the things i don't know how to do yet ;) things that would have taken me HOURS to try and figure out took him a few minutes! :) he is AMAZING and i LOVE him very much!!!!!!!! :) so enjoy! :) and i hope everyone every where can find love in their hearts for every one! :)