Monday, March 25, 2013

      after over three long years of trying and dealing with health problems and COUNTLESS pregnancy tests, we are finally expecting!!!!!!! ^_^  we are beyond ecstatic!! ^_^  we are also six weeks along and can not wait until our first ultrasound to make sure the babie is growing as it should ^_^  we found out while we were on our trip in california ;)  it was after our last day in disneyland and the first night we saw the fireworks ;) we were told by some one there that the fireworks makes your dreams come true!! :) since we found out the next day i think i might bring all my wishes and dreams to disneyland and make sure that we stay for the fireworks ;)  sending LOVE and HAPPIE vibes to everyone everywhere!!!!!!!!! ^_^

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

sunday afternoon :)

hello to those who read my blog ;) i have so many catch up posts it's ridiculous! but i took some super cute pictures this last sunday and wanted to show them to every one :) at first i was just going to put my favorites on facebook, but then i had SO many favorites! :) so then i thought i would put a few on my blog with a little slide show of our sweet miriam dancing :) but then that turned into a bigger slide show ;) anyways it was LOTS of fun chilling with our kiddos in my parents back yard blowing bubbles, giggling and taking pictures! ;) my only complaint is i don't have more pictures of abe :( he wasn't interested in his bubbles very long & then decided to go inside and watch cartoons along with samuel :) though samuel does join us later at the end ;) so most of the time it was just me and mimzie ;) these pictures are all in the same order as i took them :) i have been trying to improve my photo taking by taking closer shots and by not being in such a hurry to take the shot :) some times i'm really impatient or i think if i take the time to frame the shot a little more my subject will have run off by then ;) but on sunday for a lot of the pictures i layed on my belly and tried to get as close to miriam as i thought looked pleasing ;) i also tried out my rainbow lens filter! :) and i LOVED it! :) i haven't felt like i had time to do that in a long while ;) i LOVE light rays and parts of the sun in my pictures! :) it brings a magical element in your photos! :) and well it's a way to illustrate in every day events that magic doesn't fade away as we are no longer children, but it really does still exist :) it also brings a connection from ourselves and the earth or space we live and connects it to the universe, since the sun is the center of ours ;) it's like the suns rays are like fingertips touching our face and warming our hearts with it's presence! :) it's saying you belong to me and i to you and we are ALL connected to each other! :) at least that's how i see it ;) wow! :) i've really missed blogging ;) guess i'll have to do it some more! :) oh and i can't take full credit for this slide show, although i took and chose the pictures and music, joshie helped me with the things i don't know how to do yet ;) things that would have taken me HOURS to try and figure out took him a few minutes! :) he is AMAZING and i LOVE him very much!!!!!!!! :) so enjoy! :) and i hope everyone every where can find love in their hearts for every one! :)


Saturday, April 21, 2012

earthday 2012! :)

happie earth LOVE day 2012!!!!!!! :)
to celebrate our mother earth today we will work on the kiddos garden as a family and plant some lettuce, tomatoes and some flowers :) we will also take a maple tree sapling that is growing in an undesirable location and transplant it to a better one :) we don't have any experience with tree transplants, but i did some reading about it (i love the Internet) so we'll do our best! ;) and hopefully the
little tree will too! :) then we're going to take all our old plastic bags that i've been meaning to make something out of and take them to walmart to put them in the recycling bin :) then we will take a family walk on the centennial trail :) the whole while talking with our beautiful children about our beautiful planet and how it is our responsibility to care for her as she cares for us :) how we need to love her and everyone! :) those are our plans anyways ;) hope every one has a GLORIOUS day! :)
much LOVE and PEACE to EVERYONE EVERY WHERE ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

bloomsday 2012! :)

so i registered for bloomsday today! :) im prettie EXCITED! :) i'm a little nervous to i,ve never done anything like this before and with my inconsistency with my training i'm a little worried it will take me HOURS to finish ;) but i will try my best to remain positive and get as much exercising in as possible beforehand :)

i think i will love parts of it and really dislike the rest, but in the end i will be so glad that i did it! :) to me this is so important because i spent so long feeling sick and not knowing exactly why. and i struggled for a couple of years with trying really hard to loose weight and become healthy with very little success. and now that i have been on the medicine's i need to reclaim my health this event is a celebration of wellness to me! :) and i'm SUPER EXCITED for it! :)

i seek to be at balance and healthy in heart, mind, body and spirit! :)


Sunday, July 17, 2011

so yesterday we went to a wedding where their center pieces for their reception where vases with goldfish in them. wich was pretty and peaceful :) after clean up a little girl took two and they asked if we wanted any. joshie said, "no." ( i've wanted fishies for a while, but still dont have the puppie trained properly) then they said that they were gonna flush the rest down the toilet. and i gave joshie my big eyed,sad face & so now we have 18 goldfish! :) with no tank currently :)
sadly nine died last night, it was a pretty hot day & so i wasnt surprised.
i hope to find a tank at the thrift store tomorrow :) i've been reading up on how to take care of the little fishies & they require a lot more space than i thought they would ;) so if any one would like some i really only want to keep three :)
oh well we still saved them! :) now i hope they will survive ;)

oh & i dont think the bride or groom or any others involed were bad people :) i killed a spider that was freaking me out at that same reception. if anything i put the value of the life of the fish over the spider. and it is in those moments that a feel a bit of a hyporcrit :( although the fishies wont bite me :)
hope every one is having a SUPER LOVELY DAY!!!!!!!! :) especaily to those who just started their married life together yesterday! :)